About Us

We are telephony service providers based in Chepstow, near Newport South Wales specialising in business telephone systems, business mobile and business broadband.

Telephony Service Providers - Wales & South West England

Beta Telecoms provides a specialist service for new business phones lines and small business telephone systems covering South Wales including Newport, Cardiff Bridgend and Swansea and South West of England including Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and Gloucestershire. Telephone systems are essential to your business, but they’re probably not something you want to spend too much time thinking about. With our years of experience the team at Beta Telecoms have expert knowledge of all things telephony including VOIP telephone services for businesses in South Wales and South West of England, we’ve done the thinking for you. We provide a complete range of telephone systems and mobile telephone systems for a wide range of sized companies including call centre systems, retail telephone systems, office telephone systems and industrial site telephone systems from our based in Chepstow, South Wales we support clients throughout the area. We know you need:

  • Low cost line rental and call charges
  • Reliable and super-fast connectivity
  • Excellent customer service
  • The best equipment for your business
  • Straightforward contracts with no minimum term

So that’s what we do.

Take our terms and conditions. They’re so straightforward they fit on one side of an A4 page. There’s nothing hidden and no nasty surprises to catch you out at the end of your contract.

And we want to build a long-term relationship with you, not just make a quick sale. We’ll show you how we do this with a story from the old days of door-to-door cold calling.

One of our reps called in on a company and learnt they were having problems with their telephone system. Although it was only four years old, their current supplier was advising that it was beyond repair and should be replaced with an expensive upgrade. But we knew different. We were able to diagnose a fault that was easily repaired and save the company considerable, unnecessary expense.

In the end that system lasted years longer, the original supplier lost a customer and we gained a new one – one that we’re happy to say is still with us today.

For genuine, independent, expert advice on all things telecoms in South Wales and the South West of England, give us a call today.

Experience our exceptional customer service and find out how much you can save by calling David Hodges on 01291 620189.

Beta Telecoms are Better Telecoms