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Wye Knot Testimonial

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To whom it may concern:

In 2015 we moved offices from Upper Nelson Street, Cheptow, to Bulwark Industrial Estate where we required the two lines with our number on transferred to.

Having been with BT for 25 years, we asked them to effect this transfer to the new premises. They advised us to transfer our main number onto VOIP which we did.

This proved to be unsatisfactory for our business, so in mid-2016 we asked them to transfer it back onto a two line multi-line.

They then installed two lines for us. Six months passed without our number being transferred onto them, despite many calls to them.

Davis Hodges of Beta Telecoms advised us that it was impossible to put one number onto two lines that had different numbers. He also discovered that without our knowledge or consent, BT had ceased the two lines that they had installed.

We then put our trust in Beat Telecoms and last December, they installed a two line multi-line with one number.

On Monday 23rd January, our main number was successfully transferred onto this two line multi-line.

Our thanks must go to David Hodges of Beta Telecoms for doing what BT themselves singularly failed to do.

Mike Bruton
Managing Director, Wye Knot Vehicle Rentals & Sales