1 - Low cost line rental and call charges

2 - Reliable and super-fast connectivity

3 - Outstanding customer service

4 - The best equipment for your business

5 - Straightforward contracts with no minimum term

Our services are available all over the UK. We are based in the South West, South Wales area but due to our special partnerships with some of the best landline, broadband and mobile infrastructure providers, we can offer the same great service and fantastic rates anyway in the UK.

Beta Telecoms provide a business landline telephony servicebusiness broadband and a business mobile service. We work with businesses of all sizes and have extremely competitive rates. 

Yes, we certainly do! It worries us as well that other providers have so many terms and conditions that the business owner can never feel comfortable about what is in there. We do things differently at Beta Telecoms, we make things very simple and straightforward with just a short page of terms and conditions, with nothing 'hidden' or any 'small print'. See for yourself by viewing our Terms and Conditions. If you have any concerns or questions, contact us and we will get back to you with answers. 

You can find out more about Beta Telecoms by visiting our About Us page. You can also find out what our valued clients say about us by visiting our Client Testimonials page.

Beta Telecoms are constantly seeking feedback from our clients to ensure we are providing the very best telephony services and customer service we possibly can. To aid this, we have provided a feedback/testimonial form on our testimonials page to make it is very quick and easy for clients to let us know what they think of us. Here are our client testimonials.